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Helen Magnus getting her GoGa on??!! Why did no one give me a heads-up this was coming? Anyway, it was a great surprise at the end of the episode. Let's hope they keep it going, and not a one episode flash in the pan.

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OMG .. Warehouse 13!

Posted on 2011.08.08 at 21:09
Not content just with the awesomeness of HG (and Jamie Murray) and her eye-shagging with Myka, they had to add Ianto too??!! Nice way to pitch the potential cast for an HG spin-off. I'd buy that.

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Ok Lungs ...

Posted on 2011.08.01 at 17:59
 You need to stop spasming at every fucking excuse. Srsly! you're on notice!

In other news, asthma sucks! 

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WWC - USA vs France - Semifinal

Posted on 2011.07.13 at 08:40
 AH .. the beauty of the interwebs. I've already sent my "working from home" email out. Now I can nicely sit down and enjoy this match for the most part. I do have a dumbass meeting to dial in to halfway through the match though. Grrrrrr. 

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5k .. Boo Yah!!!

Posted on 2011.07.12 at 12:05
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 First time ever .. I managed to hit 5k running non-stop on the treadmill this morning. I've been trying on and off for the past couple of years to get to this. Now, I just need to work on maintaining this and increasing my speed and distance. 

Gear wise - still in by BFF-VFFs. Favorite model for running is the Five Fingers Bikilas. And the KSO Treks kick ass on the trail. It's amazing to feel all the curves and edges of the ground, as you keep your feet planted firmly on it. I mentioned merino wool jerseys a few months ago, when I was cycling more often. They work just as great for running. Best of all .. I can let it air dry after each run, and then use it again the next day, and it still smells fresh. It also keeps me in a more moderate temperature than the synthetics. I'm a convert, and I'm slowly using it more and more in everyday life. 

I'm still completely blown away that I was able to keep running for over 30 minutes, and didn't need to lunge for my inhaler at any point (I did take it before I started). It's a good feeling to beat back that beast that has been my primary excuse for not working out for so long.

Posting some images under the cut from my hike on Sunday at Alum Rock ParkCollapse )

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Aww ... Summer of Gay ...

Posted on 2011.07.12 at 00:07
 How I missed you and your blatant subtext in Rizzoli & Isles and Warehouse 13! Especially thank you for bringing HG back for atleast one scene with Myka. I'm enjoying the fact that the shows play up the subtext more these days instead of shying away from it. Now, if only they could go the extra step and turn it into maintext.

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Stupid .. STUPID people messing with perfection.

Posted on 2011.07.11 at 18:16
 WTF is so scary about a nipple? Hmmm?

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Women's World Cup - USA vs Sweden

Posted on 2011.07.06 at 11:45
 This is the dykiest hairstyled world cup evah! 

 Lost Girl is coming to SyFy? As in, I can watch Dr. Hotpants in full blown HD? With the return of Rizzoli and Isles, this could be the gayest summer yet!

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The Good Wife!

Posted on 2011.05.10 at 23:30
 I swear I'll shoot a bunch of emmy asses if this show does not sweep the awards! Juliana Marguilies kills it every.damn.time! And so does the rest of the cast. It's pitch perfect, and I love that it's showcasing strong women being unapologetically strong. 

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